The visual artist Christina Kapetaniou creates paintings, as well as artworks through handmade paper art, printmaking, and other visual mediums. The usage of various forms of expression is her source of evolution since technical elements of a medium inspire her to implement relevant techniques in another medium.

What is more, she explores the juxtaposition of nature responses with human ones regarding their continuous transformations. Unlike nature which engages such alterations into its survival mechanisms, humans interpret them as interference in their existence.

Her creative approach rooted in experimentation yields multivalent possibilities of change and development both for her and viewers.

Through amygdala stimulation, resonances of thoughts, memories, and emotional imprints shape her artworks, which then become environments of possibilities of mental, emotional and physical alterations activating viewers’ participation. Not only do viewers see and rekindle memories and feelings, but also, they act. Thus, viewers become ‘spect-actors’ practicing their behavioural patterns and body responses.

Water embodiment is one of her experimentations beyond human matter. Such vibrating, refracting, and reflecting environments communicate how alterations become commonalities stimulating endless evolution.